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Allergy services


What we do

We see patients with

  • Rhinitis​
  • Food allergy​
  • Drug reactions
  • Latex allergy
  • Anaesthetic reactions (general and local)
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Systemic reactions to bee/wasp stings
  • Urticaria and angioedema

We also see patients with non-allergic urticaria and angioedema (including acquired or hereditary angioedema due to C1 inhibitor deficiency).

We do not see patients with food intolerance, or syndromes / symptoms that do not have any established relationship to allergy (e.g. chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss, weight gain, migraine, etc.).

Generally, we do not see patients with eczema unless there is additional evidence of immediate-type allergy.

Referrals to the Allergy Clinic

Guidelines for the referral of patients to the Allergy Clinic. Download PDF file​​​​

Department location

Broadgreen Hospital - Alexandra Wing

0151 282 6332