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Fighting germs

​​During your time with us we want you to stay as well and healthy as possible. We are dedicated to fighting infections and keeping our patients safe. We ask you and your visitors to take infection control seriously.

Clean hands are important in preventing the spread of infection. If hands are not clean, these germs can be passed from one person to another.

All our healthcare workers such as nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and any other worker, who is involved in your care, will have clean hands before touching you or helping you with any activity during your hospital stay.

Always make sure that you have clean hands before eating or drinking and after using the toilet. Avoid touching any dressings, drips or drains yourself, unless absolutely necessary.

Facilities are provided in our hospitals to make sure everyone can clean their hands. Each room on a ward has liquid soap and paper towels at the sink. Hand gel is also provided at certain places along the corridors on the wards, around the hospitals, at most bedsides and it is carried by staff.

Please encourage your visitors to make sure they have clean hands too. Visitors should use the hand gel before and after they have visited the wards.

Hospital staff are trained in hand washing techniques. They can show you how to wash yours properly.

Visit our infection, prevention and control department ​section for more comprehensive information about fighting the spread of infection and statistics on how we are performing.