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How we are performing

We are one of the best performing acute (hospital) trusts in North 
West England, meeting a range of key targets set both nationally and regionally for NHS hospitals, all of which help to provide the best possible experience for our patients.

Reducing infections – virtually eradicating MRSA

We are committed to reducing the number of infections in our hospitals. From March 2011 to April 2012, there have been just four MRSA cases – virtually eradicating MRSA. We have also significantly reduced cases of C Diff and aspire to have zero healthcare associated infections in our hospitals.

Treating emergency patients

Our Emergency Department is extremely busy, caring and treating patients with serious, life threatening illness, major trauma and a range of other injuries. We are meeting the national target for treating, admitting or discharging 95 per cent of our patients within four hours.

Treating patients quickly

We continue to diagnose and treat over 90 per cent of our patients within 18 weeks of their referral to us by a GP. We are also meeting a range of targets relating to cancer – this means that the vast majority of patients are being seen within two weeks of a referral of suspected cancer by their GP and beginning treatment within 62 days of their diagnosis.

Reducing postponed operations

We are meeting the national targets for keeping the number of postponed operations for non-clinical reasons to a minimum. If we do have to postpone an operation, then patients who have been postponed will have their operation within 28 days.

Reducing the time patients spend in hospital

We know that our patients and their families do not want to be in hospital any longer than they need to.  We are continuously working to improve this and reduce the time patients spend in our hospitals – one of the key ways we are doing this is to increase the amount of surgery we do in a day – meaning patients don’t to have to stay overnight.

Best performing stroke services in the North West 

We have excellent stroke services. The Stroke Improvement National Audit Programme (SINAP) in November 2011 showed that when it comes to caring for people who have just had strokes we are the best in the North West and second best in the country.
SINAP collects information from hospitals about the care provided to stroke patients in their first three days in hospital. Twelve quality indicators were used to monitor the performance of hospitals nationwide, with the Royal scoring an impressive 83.5% in the four month period. This means that our patients have a much better chance of surviving and recovering from a stroke – one of the leading causes of death and disability in the UK.

Keeping our patients as safe as possible

We are always working to ensure that our patients are safe as possible when they are in our hospitals. This means keeping falls and pressure ulcers to a minimum and ensuing that we have the best possible procedures and processes in place to keep our patients as safe as possible. We take part in a national programme called Advancing Quality, which aims to improve the treatment the NHS gives to patients, and we are one of the best performing trusts in the North West on this programme.​

Further quality information and reports can be found by clicking here​