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Introducing the Junior Doctors

The current series of BBC3’s ‘Junior Doctors: Your life in their hands’ follows eight first and second year doctors at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. 

The programme was filmed between August and November last year and follows the junior doctors as they care for patients across the hospital, gaining valuable hands-on training. Group Junior-Doctors_final 384x188.jpg

The junior doctors taking part are: 
  • Keira – A second year junior doctor who was based in the Emergency Department. Her ultimate aim is to become a consultant in Emergency Medicine. She would also like to be involved Disaster Relief Medicine and in Expedition Medicine where rainforest and mountain treks are accompanied by a doctor.
  • ​Oliver – A second year junior doctor who was filmed in both the Acute Medical Unit in his role as an F2 doctor, as well as on the wards doing night shifts and weekends. Eventually, Oliver would like to become a consultant in Acute Medicine. 
  • Carol – A second year junior doctor from Malawi. Carol found the health service here very different to that in Malawi – emergency cases there tended to be mainly infections such as TB, HIV and AIDS and the difference in resources was also huge. Carol was particularly amazed to see how well staffed the Royal was, with such a broadly skilled and well equipped team.
  • Tristan – A first year junior doctor who was balancing a busy training schedule with married life and fatherhood. He was based in the Clinical Gerontology department where he loved the constant changes and variety. Tristan is still weighing up his future career options, but Emergency Medicine or Anaesthetics are high on his list. 
  • Emily – A first year junior doctor who is currently working as an F1 doctor in the Urology department based at Broadgreen Hospital. Emily faced a variety of challenges at the Royal, most notably the time one of her patients, who was a prisoner, escaped police custody and climbed into the roof cavity. She would like to eventually work in hospitals abroad to see how different healthcare systems work.
  • Ed - A first year junior doctor who was born in Norwich but grew up in Italy. Ed found that there were a number of differences between medical training in the UK and Italy and adapting created difficulties at first. He progressed throughout the series though and one day hopes to become an anaesthetist.
  • Tom – A first year junior doctor who was dubbed the party animal of the series. Tom regularly found himself in amusing situations both inside and outside the hospital during the series. He would like to go into Paediatrics in the future. 
  • Jen – A first year junior doctor who was based on the surgical wards throughout the series, where people are cared for prior to, or following surgery. Jen eventually wants to go into Anaesthetics or Surgery. She hopes that more experience of both will help her decide which path to choose. 
There are seven episodes in total which feature the junior doctors both on the wards and outside of work. 

The series is shown on BBC Three on Thursdays at 9pm and repeated the following Monday at 8pm. Catch up with episodes you missed on iplayer​.