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Training and Development Opportunities

Learning & Development

We are keen to support our staff in both their personal and professional development. To do this we have a range of opportunities available to all staff in addition to the statutory training that is required by law.

We value vocational learning as much as academic learning and encourage our staff to share their knowledge with others. We believe that all staff should have equal access to learning and development opportunities and we are committed to annual appraisal and development. 

Our Mission

“To inspire, develop and deliver learning, knowledge and skills, in order to achieve world class patient care". 

Corporate Trust Induction

Our Trust provides a five day Induction course, to ensure that new employees are provided with all the information they need with regards to statutory, mandatory and legal requirements when commencing employment within the Trust.

In addition to this Line Managers will ensure a Local Induction Checklist is completed within the first month of employment.

Statutory and Mandatory Training

All Staff are required to update their mandatory training every two years, we provide a Core Skills Updates programme which includes Fire Safety, Health and Safety and Infection Control.

In addition all patient facing professionally qualified nursing staff are to attend a half day Clinical Skills Refresher every 2 years.

We also provide Conflict Resolution training for all staff who have contact with the public, they are required to complete this course every three years
Manual Handling Practical sessions are provided every two years for all nursing staff.

All staff are required to do Equality & Diversity and Information Governance training via e-learning. 

Personal and Professional Development

We offer a wide range of courses here are a few examples:

Newly Qualified Nurses:
  • Clinical Preceptorship includes medicine management
  • HCA training:
  • Bedside Emergency Assessment Course
  • Vital Signs Training
  • 3 Day Essential Care Course for new HCA
Line Managers:
  • Appraisal Skills for Managers
  • Business HR Training
  • Stress Awareness Training
All Staff:
  • Planning for Retirement
  • Preparing for your Appraisal
  • Risk Assessor
  • Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessor
  • Sign Language
  • Adult Numeracy and Literacy
  • Minute Taking
  • Customer Service Training
We can also provide access to a wide variety of Apprenticeships for staff bands 1-4.

Our Vision

We will be a recognised and trusted provider of Learning & Development services across North Mersey.  Working in partnership we will continually review the value and impact of our services to provide excellence, which exceeds customer expectations.​