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Work Experience and Volunteering

Volunteer Services

We currently have over 200 Volunteers across both sites, working in many departments within the Trust.

Our Volunteers Scheme continues to enhance the Patients’ and their families’ experience within the Trust.

As always, our volunteers play an integral role in welcoming, greeting and escorting patients and relatives to their destinations, where they assist more than 2,000 people per week.

Patient visiting

The Patient Visiting Service continues to thrive. We get telephone calls from people who find it difficult to get in to see their relatives. They appreciate the Patient Visiting Service that the Volunteers provide. Also, lonely patients are so grateful for the company of the volunteers and any errands that they may do.

Sending greetings to inpatients

Relatives and friends can send a greeting to an inpatient by sending an email to our dedicated volunteers who will hand deliver it. These greetings can be sent via an inpatient form on this page​

The buddy service

The ‘buddy’ service continues to ‘make a difference’ to Patients’ journey home from hospital.

A very busy area is St Paul’s Day Ward. Our Volunteers are regularly called upon to escort vulnerable Patients home and settle them back in their own environment following their surgical procedures e.g. cataracts.

Our ‘buddies’ will also collect pensions or personal items from Patients’ homes, go to the bank, etc., and generally ‘lend a hand’.

Trolley services

The Newspaper Trolley Service is extremely popular with patients. It is taken out every weekday and every ward is visited. Our dedicated Volunteers have truly made a difference to our patients with this much needed service.

The Patients’ Library is as popular as ever, where every single ward is visited at least once a week. Staff are also advised that if they can identify patients as needing further reading matter, they know that the volunteers are at the end of two bleep numbers – 4787 and 4788. The bleep system also applies if patients wish to buy newspapers, magazines, sweets, etc.

The provisions trolley is very popular and goes out daily. Every ward is visited at least once a week. Again, if patients miss the trolley or require provisions, staff can bleep the volunteers to purchase items for patients.

There are also times when patients need shopping and items from outside of the Trust. The volunteers are more than willing to lend a hand.

How to join our  Lend A Hand Volunteer Scheme 

The Lend A Hand Volunteer scheme runs Monday to Friday, 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. with no evenings or weekends.

To apply to become a volunteer you need to be 16 years of age and above, (we have no upper age limit, as long as the applicant is reasonably fit and well).

On applying an application form is sent out, along with guidelines for CRB checks.   On receipt of completed application forms we then invite potential applicants in for an interview to determine which role they are particularly interested in and to discuss dress code, travel expenses etc.       

Once interviews are complete the applications are then sent to H.R. shared services who then process them, take up refs., CRBs, Occupational Health checks etc. The process takes approximately six weeks.

All new applicants are required to attend Core Skills training which H.R. sort out.

On completion of Core Skills training the applicants then meet with Voluntary Services Department to agree a start date and arrange a security i.d. badge.

We also offer a week’s work experience for Year 11 Students, which gives a good insight into various clinical areas within the hospital. A student application pack is sent out and on return, Volunteer Services ask for two references and once these are back, the student will be contacted to come in to discuss the placement. 

A certificate is given at the end of week’s work experience programme. 

For more information contact:

Doreen Ryan
Volunteer Services Manager
Tel: 0151 706 3170