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This page gives you information about our services for people with problems in their Ear, Nose and Throat.

What we do

Ear Care clinic

The ear care clinic at Broadgreen Hospital offers a service for patients with ear infections.

Emergency Clinic

The problems we see in this clinic include nasal trauma, facial palsy and epistaxis plus many more. Please note: The clinic is not for suspected cancerous problems as we have a weekly rapid access clinic for this. Nor is this clinic for routine problems.

Rapid Access Clinic

The clinic is for patients who have symptoms that could suggest a cancer of the head, neck or thyroid gland area.
Usually patients have problems such as a change in the voice, a lump in the neck or difficulty swallowing. Whilst the vast majority of patients seen in this clinic do not have cancer and can be reassured there and then, some patients do have cancer and these patients are given the utmost priority service to diagnose and treat them as quickly as possible.

If you are referred to this clinic please be aware that it gets very busy. It is not uncommon for people to be sent for an ultrasound scan and a fine needle aspiration biopsy. This allows us to give people a one-stop service but does inevitably lead to delays.

Most patients will have their throat examined with a flexible endoscope passed through the nose. It is important to perform this procedure to clearly examine the throat and voice box. This procedure is very simple and usually very well tolerated.