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Information on how and where to collect a death certificate.

About Us

Depending on the circumstances of the death the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) is normally issued by either one of the following people:

The Hospital Doctor

Usually the doctors who have been treating the patient will issue the MCCD. Occasionally the doctor may have to discuss the cause of death with the Coroner, which may result in a slight delay in the issuing of the certificate.

The General Practitioner

In certain situations the patient's General Practitioner (GP) will issue the MCCD, which will need to be collected from their surgery. This only happens after a death has been discussed with the Coroner and when there are no hospital doctors available to sign a certificate.

The Coroner

If the death has been referred to the Coroner, because the doctor cannot issue a MCCD or the death meets the criteria to discuss the death with the Coroner, then the death can not be registered until the Coroner's Office has conducted their enquiries and the Register Office has received authority from the Coroner to do so. The Coroner will take on the responsibility for the issuing of the certificate. A Coroner's officer will contact the nominated next of kin or appropriate person to advise them regarding the procedures.

Contact Us

To arrange collection of the MCCD you will need to contact the appropriate office:

The Royal Liverpool Hospital - 0151 706 3805

When you telephone the Bereavement Office at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, you will be asked to leave your name and contact telephone number. When all the required paperwork has been completed you will then be provided with a time to visit our offices to discuss the next step of registration.

Appointments are offered between the hours of 9:00 - 12:00am and 1:00 - 4:15pm, Monday to Thursday and on Friday's between the hours of 9:00 - 12:00am and 1:00 - 3:45pm (excluding bank holidays).

Broadgreen Hospital - 0151 282 6266

When you telephone the General Office at Broadgreen Hospital, you will be asked to leave your name and telephone number and will be provided with a time to visit only when all the required paperwork has been completed.

Visits to the General Office will be between the hours of 9:00am - 4:30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)

The Team

The Bereavement Services Team consists of a small group of staff who have chosen to dedicate their careers to the provision of high quality care for the deceased and the bereaved.

In 2009 the Bereavement Services Team received the Trust's, Team of the Year Quality Award for the continuous provision of a high quality service.

We are here to help you in whatever way we can, so please feel free to get in touch with us.

  • Barbara Peters – Mortuary & Bereavement Services Manager
  • Jane Perry – Lead/Senior Anatomical Pathology Technologist
  • Barry Wong - Anatomical Pathology Technologist
  • Gary Hunter - Anatomical Pathology Technologist
  • Lynsey Crichton - Anatomical Pathology Technologist
  • Tobias Orbine - Anatomical Pathology Technologist


  • David Lindale – Bereavement Officer
  • Linda Milward – Dispatch/Bereavement Officer
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