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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspects all health and social care services in England. They are independent.

They write a report on each of the health and social care services.

You can download a copy of their latest report on this page.

What did the CQC say about us?

Overall rating: Requires Improvement

Care rating: Outstanding

Despite the CQC rating the Trust as Requires Improvement overall, we were rated 'Good' for being safe and effective and our caring as 'Outstanding'.

Dr Peter Williams, chief executive, said:

"I am incredibly proud that our staff have been rated as Outstanding for the care they provide to our patients and I hope that the people of Liverpool will be equally as proud of them. Our community services staff only joined the Trust two years ago and their care has been rated as Outstanding – which is a fantastic achievement. Our patients want to be treated with compassion, dignity and kindness and I am so pleased that what I see every day has been recognised in this report."

"We are also very pleased to have been rated as Good for both the safety and effectiveness of the care and treatment we offer."

"Our staff are working in often very challenging circumstances. Like hospitals across the NHS, we have seen an increasing demand for our services, sicker patients, with further challenges around both recruitment and finance."

"There are areas that we need to improve on. We are working hard to make sure we are as efficient as possible, we continue to recruit staff across our services and we are working closely with our partners to improve timely discharges for our patients."

Areas of outstanding practice


Inspectors said our staff treated patients and families with “respect and kindness”, spent time with patients and supported them to manage their emotional response to their treatment. Our community services staff are praised as going the “extra mile”, which even included finding temporary accommodation for people’s pets and the report says “all of the patients and relatives we spoke with praised staff within the service and could not fault the care and treatment they had received.”


The team were praised for supporting wards to directly manage stock, which has led to cost savings.

Enhanced recovery

The surgical enhanced recovery units for high-risk hip fracture and colorectal patients has helped to improve outcomes for these patients, with constant nursing observation.

HIV community team

The HIV community team worked with a local charity to develop a tool for assessing patients’ pain and fatigue and how this affects their day to day lives – helping patients to access additional pain relief when they needed it.

Community respiratory team

The community respiratory team is made up of an early supported discharge team, hospital at home team and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder management team. This model helped to reduce repeat admissions and length of stay for patients whose condition could be managed at home.

Dental Hospital

Our patients said that staff “go the extra mile and their “care and support exceeds their expectations”. Inspectors said there was a “holistic approach to care and treatment for all people”. Overall it is rated as Outstanding.

Since the inspection was carried out in January, we have continued to work to improve on these areas:

Emergency and urgent care

The inspection took place in mid-January, which is a time of high pressure in the NHS. We are seeing an improvement in our waiting times and have seen some of our best performance since May 2018. In May 2019, we were the best performing acute trust in the north-west.

There have been two reviews in relation to staffing recently, one independent and one using the Royal College of Emergency Medicine toolkit and they concluded that the staffing establishments were fit for purpose. We carry out a routine review of staffing twice a day to ensure that we can respond to any unexpected demand or short notice absences. We have a rolling programme of recruitment.

We have reminded all staff of the importance of privacy and of carrying out appropriate assessments. The issue with the medicines store room was fixed whilst the inspection was being carried out.

Flow of patients

We are working with partners to improve the timeliness of our discharges, as well as working with our ward teams to ensure more patients are safely discharged before 12pm.

Equipment maintenance

At times of peak demand, such as when the inspection was carried out, all of our stocks of equipment are generally in use to support patients and we were slightly behind our internal targets for routine servicing and maintenance. This has since improved and we are now within our targets.

Waiting times

We have seen improvements in the length of time people are waiting for cancer diagnosis and treatment and in the time people are waiting for treatment after they have been referred to us by their GP. We have invested over £1million to sustain waiting times in our endoscopy department.      

Controlled substances/storing medicines

Some areas needed new storage cupboards to ensure they met the required standard. These have been purchased and are in place.


We identified some changes that needed to be implemented to standardise the way we record mental capacity assessments and as a result, we introduced a new system three weeks before the inspection. We recognise that it wasn’t fully embedded at the time of the inspection as it was a new system for staff to get used to. We have been carrying our regular audits since the implementation and have seen consistent improvements.

Our finances

We have a Trust-wide improvement programme to ensure we are being as efficient as possible. We are working with NHS Supply Chain to reduce costs and aim to save over £2 million this year.

The report describes the CQC's judgement of the quality of care at our hospitals. It is based on a combination of what the CQC found when they inspected, information from the ‘Intelligent Monitoring’ system, and information given to the CQC directly from patients, the public and other organisations.

You can read the full report into our hospitals by clicking here...

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