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The Information Governance Toolkit is a set of guidelines for the Trust to follow.

It helps us to understand the best way for us to look after people's personal information. It also helps to tell how well we are looking after people's information.

What we do

The Information Governance Toolkit provides a framework that allows the Trust to bring together all the requirements, corporate standards and best practice that apply to handling of personal information.

The Toolkit also helps us be consistent in the way that we handle personal information and ensures that we do not duplicate our efforts.

This therefore allows:-

  • The Trust to effectively implement Department of Health advice and guidance.
  • Easier and more effective compliance with the Law.
  • Year on year improvement plans when it comes to improving data protection, allowing us to understand our own performance and build upon it.
  • Better information quality and accuracy, by encouraging staff to work together and avoid duplicating effort and providing the appropriate tools for this.
  • Improved patient confidentiality when it comes to treating you, the patient.
  • More effective employee training and development when it comes to the area of data protection.

Requirements and scoring

There are 45 standards in the toolkit, and each one is broken down into sequence numbers with a description of what is required.

Each sequence number has four attainment levels with a rating of 0 (the lowest) through to 3 (the highest), which are then calculated in such a way as to provide a final score for compliance with the Toolkit.

In 2011/2012, the Trust scored 83%, a score well in line with the national averages, yet we are continually working to improve this score year upon year.

For further information about the Information Governance Toolkit, please visit the IGT website.

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