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Policies and Procedures are the rules that we have in this trust for looking after information properly and safely. You can click on the links on this page to download our Policies and Procedures about keeping information confidential.

What we do

Staff at the Royal Liverpool Hospital are expected to follow all trust policies and procedures to ensure an effective working environment. These include many set out by the Data Protection team, ranging from topics from risk management to password control.

Please feel free to read the full collection of our policies below.

Please note that while this site is updated frequently, these documents are uncontrolled, and may occassionally be out of date or not represent their latest version.

Documents available 

Accountability Policy for the Management of the Health Record

Ensures that health records are tracked correctly, and that they can easily be found and recovered if necessary.

Computer Antivirus Manangement Policy

Details the position and actions that the Trust have taken in regards to malicious computer codes and viruses.

Document Standards Manual

States how all Trust documentation should be produced via certain methods for consistency and to ensure a professional style.

Email and Internet Use and Monitoring Policy

Provides information and clarity on the appropriate use of email and internet use by staff.

Firewall Management Policy

Staes how the Trust's firewall is managed and defines the security standards that the firewall must comply with.

High Risk Workstation Policy

Documents the processes to be carried out to secure any computer or workstation that may hold personal data.

IG Risk Management Policy

Identifies the processes used to recognise and risks that may cause the loss of information, and what must be done to lower or remove this risk.

Incident Investigation Policy

Offers guidance to staff when it comes to the identification, classification and response to information security incidents.

Information Access Policy

States how information is governed by the Trust, including information on areas such as Freedom of Information and access to information.

Information Assurance Policy

Details the processes and procedures that are used to assure the safety of information and ensuring the Trust complies with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Information Governance Policy

Outlines the safeguards that are in place to ensure patient and personal information are kept secure.

Information Governance Strategy

Details for the Trust holds information safely and securely, collects it reliably and accurately, and other elements key to Information Governance.

Information Quality Assurance Policy

Ensures that all staff understand the Trust's requirements for handling, obtaining, retrieving, using and sharing clinical information.

Legal and Forensic Policy and Procedure

Ensures staff are aware of the procedures behind investigating breaches of Trust policy and/or cases where illegal content is found on a Trust PC.

Network Account and Password Management Policy

Details how the Trust prevents unauthorised access to its computer systems via various means.

Network Services Management Security Policy

Details the controls that are used to safeguard information and other physical assets on Trust premises.

Network Storage Policy

Details to staff the different means of storing informating on the Trust system and which is the correct one to use in different situations.

Personal Information and Confidentiality Policy

Provides guidance to staff in regards to the Data Protection Act 1998 and the common law duty of confidentiality.

Portable device, Removable Media and Remote Access Policy

Ensures portable devices and other media are used securely and in a way that ensures patient data is not lost.

Records Management Policy

Provides guidance on the effective handling and management of patient and corporate records, including at their creation and disposal.

Secure Area Access Policy

Details the physical security measures that are in place to store network devices and other IT equipment.

Secure Disposal of Media Policy

Covers the correct means of disposing all the information the Trust uses once it is no longer needed, from paper documents to voice recordings.

Secure Transfer of Information Policy

Ensures that any transfers of information in or outside the Trust are completed safely and securely.

Third Party Remote Access Policy

Details the mechanisms used for enabling remote access to a third party into a Trust system they are legitimately allowed to see

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