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Equality and Diversity in Employment is our policy to make sure:

  • We are fair to everyone when we choose new staff and when we work with our staff
  • Our staff include people from all the different communities

This page tells you more about this policy and the work that we are doing to be fair to everyone.

What we do

The Trust is committed to equality, diversity and human rights in employment. We intend to take positive steps to improve our workforce diversity and to provide opportunities for all.

The Trust has an Equality and Diversity in Employment Policy agreed in partnership with our staff side colleagues which outlines our commitment to equality, diversity and human rights in all areas of the employment relationship (including applicant stage) and has been designed to demonstrate our understanding of current equality legislation, codes of practices and business requirements for equality and diversity.

The key aims of this policy are to:

  • Describe the benefits of equality, diversity and human rights
  • Build a workforce where all individuals are respected and valued
  • Outline how we will develop a workforce representative of the local community to enable us to deliver responsive and quality services
  • Value the unique contribution that each individual brings, recognising differences in skills, experiences and knowledge
  • Ensure no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment or is disadvantaged for any unjustifiable reason
  • Outline how we will take positive action to overcome current under-representation and remove barriers in access to employment and career progression
  • Define responsibilities under this policy
  • Enable equality of services provided to the local community
  • Promote a culture where all staff value and respect diversity of colleagues and patients within the local community.

The Trust supports the national policy agenda on promoting equality, diversity and human rights and is committed to ensuring that:

  • Equality & Diversity is considered within all of the Trusts decisions through embedding
  • Equality Impact Assessments and decision-making structures are constituted in a way that enables equality, diversity and human rights issues to be appropriately considered when key decisions are taken
  • Equality, diversity and human rights is a fundamental principle in all HR policies and procedures, all policies and procedures are effectively promoted and used equitably across the organisation
  • No discrimination occurs in the employment relationship and no job applicant receives less favourable treatment than any other. We will assess the effectiveness of HR processes through workforce equality monitoring and take action to investigate and address any evidence of potential discrimination
  • All employees are supported to develop the skills and abilities they require to carry out their current and any likely future role in the organisation. Equality of access for all staff to both training and development opportunities is key to motivation, business performance and the organisation’s aspiration to be an employer of choice and will be subject to regular monitoring
  • There is an environment where everyone feels valued and is able to perform to their best potential. To achieve this all staff must have an awareness of equality, diversity and human rights issues and all managers must have effective skills in managing diversity so that they can achieve the best performance from their staff and improve the overall performance of the organisation
  • All Directors, staff, customers, patients and visitors understand and follow the standards of behaviour that are necessary for the management of equality, diversity and human rights
  • We demonstrate positive employment practices through attainment and ongoing maintenance of accreditations e.g. Two Ticks Positive about Disabled People, Mindful Employer, Age Positive and Stonewall Diversity Champions

Contact Us

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Equality and Diversity
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