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Equality Objectives are the things that we want to do to show that we are being fair to everyone. This page shows the things we want to do. It also shows how we are working to do these things.

The Trust's Equality Objectives for 2016-2020

In summer 2016 the Trust set five new equality objectives for the period 2016 to 2020 as follows:

  • Embed analysis of patient and employee experience by protected characteristics in to core business​
  • All service changes to explicitly take account of the needs of those with protected characteristics
  • Redesign policy and process to improve reasonable adjustments for disabled staff
  • Set workforce diversity targets to reduce differences in experience and improve workforce diversity (disclosure target, recruitment target, staff survey target)
  • Improve disabled access.

For more detailed information about the equality objectives click here

The aim of the Equality Objectives is to improve equality performance, improve patient and employee experience from an equality perspective, improve analysis and use equality information to identify inequalities and take action to inform changes to practice to address them.  Including equality and human rights in Trust strategy, service developments and equality analysis will ensure that equality and human rights is at fundamental to the work that we do.

The Trust is committed to meeting the public sector general equality duty (PSED) under the Equality Act 2010 to set equality objectives every four years, complete EIA’s and produce annual workforce and service equality monitoring reports.  The Trust participates in the NHS Equality Delivery System (EDS2) and the new national workforce race equality standard (WRES ).  Equality performance in all of the above is used to identify areas for improvement and to develop equality objectives.  

The equality and diversity sub-committee sets an annual programme of work to support improvements in equality and achievement of the equality objectives.

Review of completion of equality objectives for 2012 to 2016

  • The status of the equality objectives for 2012 to 2016 is below:
  • Extend patient profiling (equality monitoring) data collection to all protected characteristics by April 2013 - Complete
  • Introduce robust equality performance reporting and monitoring on all protected characteristics by April 2013 - In progress
  • Develop readily available accessible patient information including patient information leaflets, corporate reports and appointment letters by April 2013 - Complete
  • Conduct an equal pay audit in 2012 - Complete
  • Set workforce diversity targets to develop a more representative workforce by April 2013 - Complete
  • Develop ED competency in the workforce​ - Complete

How the objectives were set

The national Equality Delivery System (EDS) was used to assess equality performance across the four EDS goals to identify areas for improvement that formed the original equality objectives for 2012 to 2016.

Formal consultation was undertaken on the new equality objectives and in addition they were discussed and agreed with staff side, patients council and shadow governors at the equality and diversity sub-committee, the workforce committee and agreed by the Board.

The equality objectives will strengthen performance in meeting the three aims of the general equality duty of promoting equality, removing discrimination and fostering good relations between people with different protected characteristics and will ensure that we continue to make progress in advancing equality and human rights for all protected groups for patients, carers and those who work at the Trust.

How we will monitor progress

The E & D forward plan supports achievement of the objectives and the Equality and Diversity Sub-Committee, Clinical Governance and Workforce Committee will monitor progress on a quarterly basis.

The equality objectives will be reviewed annually by the Board, progress will be reported in the annual report and Quality Account.

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