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Sexual/Criminal Exploitation

Exploitation occurs when an individual or group takes advantage of an imbalance of power to coerce, manipulate or deceive a person into sexual/criminal behaviour and it is in exchange for something e.g. alcohol, drugs, food, clothing or even the avoidance of harm and/or financial advantage or increased status of the perpetrator.


Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

CSE is a form of sexual abuse.

If the sexual gratification is the only gain for the perpetrator and there is no gain for the child, this would not constitute CSE.


Very often the child or young person is unaware they are being exploited because they are receiving 'something' in return.


Increased Risk of Exploitation

Everyone is at risk of exploitation however, there are some who are at a greater risk than others;

  • Children between the ages of 12-15 years old
  • Children who are in care
  • Children who are missing from home
  • Social isolation
  • Chaotic/dysfunctional household
  • Parental substance misuse
  • Mental health issues - low self-esteem, self-harm or suicidal
  • Exposure to Domestic Abuse