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Levels of Needs

The Trust acknowledges that there are multiple Local Authorities who have designed individual Levels of Needs thresholds, below is an amalgamation and theme of the individual Levels of Needs. 


Level One - You are satisfied that the child or young person's needs are being met by existing universal services, such as health, care and education.

Level Two - Your feel that the child or young person needs some extra support that requires a coordinated response from services - even if their current needs are unclear. An EHAT will identify a lead professional to co-ordinate this support.

Level Three - You feel that the child or young person has unmet needs that are more significant or complex. An EHAT will ensure a coordinated multi-agency response that will help prevent these concerns escalating.

Level Four - You believe that the child or your person has experienced significant harm or is at risk of significant harm (Section 47), or you have significant welfare concern (Section 17). A single assessment coordinated by a Social Worker is required to determine what intervention is needed.


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