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Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trusts statements page.

Policy for the Review of Trust Mortality

A peer review of each and every death in the Trust is required to ensure we have provided the highest quality of patient care or that lessons are learned and disseminated across the organisation if we have not.  Documentation pertaining to each death should be escalated through the directorate and divisional structure, via the Clinical Governance route.

The objective of this policy is to ensure a robust system is in place across the organisation to review and manage all deaths appropriately occurring in the Trust, be they expected or not; to provide assurance the highest quality of patient care was provided at all times and any shortfall identified is escalated and lessons learned disseminated widely.  The essence of the review process will be the same across all two bed-holding divisions of the Trust, and will be managed through three varied facets, managed and coordinated by the overarching Deterioration and Mortality Group (DMG);

  • Mortality Peer Review
  • Mortality Quality Assurance Group
  • Mortality Alert Group

Please note that the policy is currently under review

The NHS has put in place measures to ensure the safety of all patients and NHS staff while also ensuring services are available to the public as normal. If you have a hospital appointment then you should attend as planned.