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We ask you to share information with us so that we can provide you with the highest standard of care we possibly can.

This information is known as your “health record” and is stored securely by the hospital in either paper or electronic form. This information provides NHS staff with the information they need in order to ensure that the delivery of your care continues to be of the highest standard. It includes:

Name, address and date of birth

We collect your name, address and date of birth and this information enables us to send you letters about your care e.g. appointment letters. This information is also used to identify you and distinguish you from other patients.

Next of Kin

We will collect details of your next of kin, and this person should be the person that you wish to be contacted in an emergency. Your next of kin has no legal right to any confidential information held about you or to make any decisions about your care. If an individual wishes to make a decision about your care they must obtain the appropriate legal Power of Attorney.

Telephone numbers

We will collect contact telephone numbers for you which will be used to contact you about your care. Your contact numbers will not be provided to any 3rd parties (sales and marketing, legal organisations) without your prior consent.


There is a legal requirement on us to collect your ethnicity to ensure that we provide a fair, open organisation where all patients receive equal treatment. An individual’s ethnicity can also have a bearing on the type of illnesses an individual is susceptible to. Anonymised information on patient’s illnesses/disease and their ethnicity is passed by the hospital to the Department of Health who shares this information with the World Health Organisation to identify patterns in illness or diseases.

Disability, language preferences

This information is collected to enable us to provide care which meets your needs e.g. accommodate wheelchair users, provision of an interpreter. If you require further information on the services provided please contact the Patients Advice and Complaints team. You can email them on PALS&


We offer all patients a chaplaincy service. Your religion is passed to our chaplains who run this service to enable them to visit you whilst in hospital to ensure the pastoral and spiritual needs of patients, their families and staff members are adequately addressed.

Healthcare and treatment provided by our hospital

This includes information such as appointment letters, outpatient visits; overnight stays at the hospital, notes and reports. This will be detailed information held in both paper and electronic forms and will be shared amongst clinical staff employed by us to provide your care, and other health care staff who we share systems including other NHS and private sector providers working on behalf of the NHS.

Results of X-ray, bloods and any other tests

You may have provided samples e.g. urine, blood, etc. which will be processed by our laboratory, or, if a specialised test, with a partner laboratory. The results of these tests are stored by the hospital and form part of your health record.

GP details

When you receive any form of healthcare from us, whether this is a visit to the emergency department, outpatient’s appointment or inpatient treatment, we will liaise and share with your GP the reason for your visit and provide a summary of the care you received. We may also check the information recorded by your GP for your continuing care.  It is therefore very important that we have the correct details for your GP as a delay in receiving this information could affect ongoing care required.

The NHS has put in place measures to ensure the safety of all patients and NHS staff while also ensuring services are available to the public as normal. If you have a hospital appointment then you should attend as planned.
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