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Governance is about the rules that the Board must follow when they are managing the Trust.

This page gives information about these rules.

Corporate Governance in the NHS

Corporate Governance in the NHS can be defined as the systems and processes by which health bodies lead, direct and control their functions, in order to achieve organisational objectives and by which they relate to their partners and wider community. (Audit Commission, Corporate Governance in Health Organisations, 2002)

There is broad agreement about the principles underlying good governance in the public sector. The public expects public bodies to be well run and openly accountable and The Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust is required to demonstrate its compliance with its legal and regulatory duties and responsibilities.

We continuously develop, maintain and review our corporate governance systems, polices and practices to make sure that we upholds the principles of good governance and complies with its statutory and regulatory responsibilities.

The Trust's Governing Body

The Trust is governed by a Board consisting of a non-executive Chairman, five non-executive directors and five executive directors.

The corporate governance of the Trust is discharged through:

  • Standing Orders: sets out decision making processes and powers
  • Standing Financial Instructions: sets out decision making processes and powers
  • Scheme of Delegation: sets out decision making processes and powers
  • Trust’s Establishment Order: which sets out the statutory framework within which it operates.
  • The Code of Conduct for Board Members
  • The Register of Interests of Board Members and Officers

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Associate director of corporate affairs: Madelaine Warburton

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Membership administrator: Suzanne Archer

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The Royal Liverpool University Hospitals have become part of Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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