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The Organisational Structure is the way that the management of the Trust is organised.

This page tells you about the main board and the way we divide the work into 2 divisions.

What we do

The overall day-to-day management of the organisation and the running of our services is the responsibility of the executive management team under the leadership of the chief executive.

They are supported by senior managers across the organisation.

Trust Board

The Trust Board comprises one chair, five non-executive directors and five executive directors. It is accountable for setting the strategic direction of the Trust, monitoring performance against objectives, ensuring high standards of corporate governance and helping to promote links between the Trust and the local community.

View the Trust Board Members.

Our clinical structure

There are two divisions within our hospitals:

  • Scheduled care (this includes services for patients whose care is planned in advance such as general surgery)
  • Unscheduled care (this includes services for patients whose care was not planned - such as our emergency department)

Each division is led by a divisional director of operations, a divisional chief nurse and a chief of service.

Each division has a number of care groups, led by a general manager, matron and clinical director.

These divisions are supported by other clinical services, such as therapies and pharmacy and by corporate services, such as human resources.

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To order any printed versions of documents or to discuss further please contact the Communications Department calling 0151 706 5489

or you can email the Communications Team here

The Royal Liverpool University Hospitals have become part of Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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