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HIV community nurses are an expert team who have had special training in the conditions HIV and AIDS.

What we do

HIV community nurses are an expert team who have undergone additional training and development in all aspects of HIV and AIDS. HIV community nurses maintain a national profile therefore influencing HIV nursing practice. This is a community based, citywide service which manages a caseload of patients with co morbidities and complex needs who often do not meet criteria for generalist services. Care is delivered in the patients’ place of residence. Despite advances in anti-retroviral medication HIV and AIDS remain socially stigmatised, requiring sensitive and discreet, service delivery.

Liverpool is an area of high prevalence for HIV, requiring the team to actively promote and encourage uptake of HIV testing enabling early diagnosis. This improves outcomes, and prevents transmission. HIV tests are available to any Liverpool resident who has concerns about exposure to HIV. A more proactive approach is taken by the team to promote HIV to those at greater risk of acquiring HIV within under served communities. The nurses also provide Point of care tests (POCT).

Our aim is to improve patient outcomes by promoting standardised integrated best practice and offer support and leadership in the prevention, treatment and management of HIV and AIDS.

More information

  • Liverpool community collaborative (LCC): To manage patients at home who cannot attend hospital for psychological, financial reasons or have a physical disability. Care planning occurs at a monthly meeting with HIV consultant. Prescribing, medicines management, care coordination, blood samples to monitor HIV treatment, immune system function, viral suppression and diagnosis support are integral aspects of the LCC.
  • Shared Care: To manage patients who are poor attenders at hospital and require additional management at home. Medicines management, vigilance, safety visits, care coordination, blood samples to monitor HIV treatment, immune system function, viral suppression and diagnosis support are integral aspects of Shared Care.
  • Referral / liaison / fast track to HIV clinical services in acute settings
  • Link between Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, social care and voluntary Services
  • HIV testing in community settings, including domiciliary testing for high risk / pregnant / non-attending patients.
  • Facilitate joint visits with Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) to ensure needs ae appropriately met.
  • Community awareness-raising
  • Nurse-led drop in sessions at HIV voluntary service offering advice and support following new or established diagnosis.
  • Consultancy, teaching, health promotion for MDT staff within community settings.
  • Presenting at national conferences
  • Writing for publication
  • Audit and research

Find us

Hartington Road Clinic
Hartington Road
L8 0SG


Darran McAteer: HIV Clinical Nurse Specialist

Bob Downes: HIV Clinical Nurse Specialist

Michelle Mussard: HIV Clinical Nurse Specialist

Jillian Williams: HIV Clinical Nurse Specialist / Team Leader 

Team email:

Confidential Telephone Line: 0151 295 8650 (includes confidential answer machine)


Open referral system accessible by: General public, Healthcare Professionals, Social Services and the Voluntary Sector.

Referrals can be made with patient consent via ‘ICE’, phone, e-mail or letter - contact details can be found under 'Find Us'.

The Service is operational Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm (not weekends or Bank Holidays).

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