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Acute medical unit

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The Acute Medical Unit is for patients with very serious medical problems.

This page gives information about:

  • What happens in the unit
  • The staff who will help you
  • What to do about visiting patients in the unit

Who we are

The Acute Medical Unit aims to provide best practice in our purpose built environment for patients referred by their GPs with acute medical illnesses.

We are one of the largest Acute Medical Unit's (AMU) in the country with its own direct access.

What we do

We provide a facility that allows us to assess, evaluate and treat patients with a wide range of acute medical problems and conditions in our purpose-built clinical area.

Being referred to us

As well as our GP referrals we also receive patients from community matrons, walk in centres and outpatient services.

What happens when you see us

Immediately on arrival, patients will be booked in by our reception staff and then seen by a senior triage nurse using a combination of Manchester triage guidelines and a medical early warning system (MEWS); thus ensuring that most urgent cases are seen first.

What happens next

Consists of four separate consulting rooms and an assessment bay with six trolleys. Patients are examined and treated in this area either by junior medics or advanced nurse practitioners. Once investigation results are available, patients are reviewed by a senior doctor where a decision is made whether to admit or discharge.

Rapid access to routine investigations results in over 30% of patients being discharged and therefore averting unnecessary admissions.

In this 31 bed area, consultant ward rounds take place three times per day ensuring patients are constantly reviewed and monitored regularly to provide optimum treatment and facilitate rapid discharge.

A further 39% of patients will be discharged within 12 hours and 71% within 24 hours.

We have on average about 450 patients admitted per week either via their GPs or our Emergency Department. Over 98% of all medical patients admitted to the Trust have been assessed through the Acute Medical Unit.

More information

The AMU also provides a HOT clinic service, GP phone line (where our consultants offer expert advice to various GP practices which is a huge enhancement of patient care and experience) and from 1st August 2016 we will re launch our Ambulatory Care service.

The team

Dr Peter Burnham - Clinical Director of Acute and Emergency Care including Acute Medical Unit

Mrs Karen Curley - is the General Manager of Acute and Emergency Care including Acute Medical Unit

Mrs Janet Lacey - is the Matron for the Acute Medical Unit

Mr Chris Mansfield - is the Deputy General Manager of Acute and Emergency Care including Acute Medical Unit

We have eight full time and three part time Consultants in AMU who provide cover from 08:00 to 22:00 hours Monday to Friday every week, along with a dedicated team of trainee Doctors.

We have a visiting ‘on-call’ team of Doctors covering acute medical admissions 24 hours every day, seven days a week.

We work in close collaboration with the Emergency Department Doctors, General Practitioners, Community Matrons and other outside agencies.

There are seventy five nursing staff, full and part time, with many and varied experiences in different fields of nursing, providing care around the clock.

They include our Matron, Janet Lacey, senior ward managers, junior sisters, staff nurses, health care assistants, emergency practitioner assistants and advanced nurse practitioners.

Our patients are well supported by specialist practitioners who visit daily, for example, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Pharmacists and specialist nurses who all provide a wide range of specialist knowledge and care.

The unit also has a dedicated team of clerical, secretarial, housekeeping, catering, cleaning and portering staff.

Visitor information

Visiting times are 3pm and 7pm daily, with a maximum of two visitors per patient at any time.

We respectfully request that visitors only visit during these times as this provides our medical and nursing teams appropriate time to care for patients, meals and patient rest.

We are willing to provide greater flexibility for family / carers for patients with Dementia.

We also request that visitors refrain from bringing food into the unit unless previously discussed and agreed with the nurse in charge.

The Acute Medical Unit is situated on the ground floor next to the Emergency Department and can be easily accessed from the main entrance.

Contact Us

Acute Medical Unit (UNIT)

Acute & Emergency Care

Royal Liverpool University Hospital (NHS) Trust


Reception telephone: 0151 706 2964 / 0151 706 2965

Where we are

AMU - Based within the Emergency Department at the Royal Liverpool Hospital on Prescot Street, Liverpool, L7 8XP

Upon entering the Hospital via the Emergency entrance, keep left and go through initial securely accessible door. Turn left through double doors then immediate right and AMU reception is straight ahead