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A Trauma is an serious injury which could be life changing or cause the patient to die. 

This page gives you information about our specialist services for people suffering from trauma. It includes information about the key staff and how to contact them.

Who we are

The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospital NHS Trust is now a major trauma center as part of a collaborative agreement.

The Orthopaedic department reconfigured its services to provide the best possible care for all trauma patients. Our aim is to provide the most appropriate surgeon at a time that is correct for the patient's treatment.

What we do

Fracture Neck of Femur Unit

To improve the care provided to elderly patients who suffer a fracture of the hip a dedicated unit was created. All patients admitted with a hip fracture should be admitted through the fracture neck of femur unit.

The unit allows a specialist pathway which includes all patients being nursed on beds specially designed to prevent pressure sores. In addition it promotes early medical assessment and surgery.

All patients receive a mental health assessment, fall risk assessment and osteoporosis risk assessment with treatment if necessary.

After recovery from surgery, patients can be transferred to a nearby orthopaedic ward but their care is supervised by one of the consultant orthogeriatricians ensuring continuity as well as a safe and speedy discharge from hospital.

The team

The Orthopaedic Trauma Team

Two teams of six orthopaedic consultants provide dedicated services to trauma and rotate on a weekly basis. Each team consists of the following consultants:

  • Limb Reconstruction - Mr. B. Narayan Mr. N. Giotakis
  • Shoulder & Elbow - Mr. M. Kent Mr. M. Smith
  • Hand & Wrist - Mr. D. Brown Mr. G. Cheung
  • Pelvis & Acetabulum - Mr. S. Kalra Mr. G. Kumar
  • Hip & Knee - Miss J. Banks Mr. B. Kapoor
  • Foot & Ankle - Mr. A. Roach Mr. C. Walker

A consultant spinal surgeon provides on call cover for all spinal emergencies on a twenty-four hour basis.

Two trauma coordinators assist the consultant teams (contactable via Switchboard on bleep 4638):

  • Mrs. Helen Haines
  • Mrs. Michelle Nolan

The trauma teams are supported by a team of junior doctors and the rehabilitation services.

Fracture Neck of Femur Unit

The unit is run by two consultant orthogeriatricians:

  • Mr. J. Tsang
  • Miss H. Cronin