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Hip Surgery

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This page gives you information about our specialist services for people with problems with their hips. It includes information about the key staff and how to contact them.

Who we are

A hip joint and leg bone are joined together by ligaments and are able to move around by comfortably, with the assistance of naturally produced lubrication, which reduces friction. These joints are also covered in cartilage helping to support the joints and prevent bones from rubbing against each other.

However, it sometimes becomes necessary to undergo treatment if one (or both) of your hip joints becomes damaged and causes you continuous/persistent pain or problems with everyday movement. The surgery we perform on hips is essential to those suffering with pain, to give them back a better standard of comfort and mobility.

Conditions Treated

  • Treatment for arthritis
  • Total Hip replacement
  • Cartilage Surgery

If you wish to find information about a specific problem or operation you may find this in one of our patient information leaflets.

More information

Our elective clinics take place at Broadgreen Hospital Hospital. The clinics run with both the consultant and specialist physiotherapists in attendance.

The team

  • Mr M Lynch
  • Mr J Davidson
  • Mr A Santini
  • Mr V Peter
  • Miss J Banks
  • Mr G Kumar
  • Mr S Kalra
  • Mr B Kapoor
Specialist Physiotherapists
  • Cathy Armstrong
  • Gill Pope
  • Specialist Nurses
  • Anne Avery
  • Sinead O'Brian

How to contact us

If you require a clinic appointment or wish to enquire about your appointment you can contact the out patient department on 0151 706 5555.