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Spinal Surgery

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Spinal Surgery is medical help for people with a problem with the bones in their back or spine

This page gives you information about our specialist services for people with problems with their spine. It includes information about the key staff and how to contact them.

Who we are

The spinal services offer round the clock contact for patients experiencing problems with spinal cord compression.


What we do

We now offer an integrated service for patients with cancer. This links the radiotherapy services and oncology services with us. Our aim is to provide rapid assessment and access to scans allowing an early and definitive plan for treatment.

In addition we offer a complete range of services for people experiencing back pain.

If you wish to find information about a specific problem or operation you may find this in one of our patient information leaflets.

More information

Our elective clinics take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. The clinics run with both the consultant and specialist physiotherapists in attendance.

The team

  • Mr M DeMatas
  • Mr S Thambiraj
  • Mr. George Ampat
  • Mr Prokopis Annis
  • Mr Radu Popa.
Specialist Physiotherapists
  • Carol Allen
  • Sarah Nutt
  • Francesca Bartoszyn
  • Lorraine Thompson
  • Lucy Rice.

How to contact us

If you require a clinic appointment or wish to enquire about your appointment you can contact the out patient department on 0151 706 5555.