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Information for health professionals

Virtual Fracture Clinic is an outpatient service only, if you have an inpatient requiring Trauma Orthopaedic review please refer on ICE at the Royal Liverpool Hospital and/or contact the trauma co-ordinator/Ortho on call if urgent.

Royal Liverpool University Hospital


GP referrals



ICE referral (located under “Groups /labs”)



Walk-in Centre/other hospital



Fax 0151 530 2671



Emergency Department



ICE referral via treating clinician,

Added to iPM list by ED

Aintree University Hospital


GP referrals/other hospital



Fax: 0151 529 2544


Walk-in Centre





Emergency Department



Clinical notes handed to ED reception, added

to iPM list by ED.

Please make sure that we have the correct telephone number to contact the patient.

All enquiries Virtual Fracture Clinic: 0151 529 2536

Please delete the CRPS Documents and make a new heading “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome” under information for patients and add the documents there.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome