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This page tells you what will happen at the female sexual health clinic.

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If necessary, you will then be shown to changing facilities and asked to remove your bottom set of clothes and put on a gown (fastens at the back). The nurse will arrange for any tests requested by the doctor to be carried out. These routine tests will only be done if they are thought necessary and if they are agreed to by you. They may look for a range of genital infections such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. If a cervical smear test has been discussed and agreed to then this will be taken at the same time as these tests.

The method of performing these tests (usually carried out by the doctor or nurse practitioner that interviewed you) is by means of cotton tipped swabs. A different type of swab will be used for your cervical smear.

You will first be asked to lie on a special examination couch that makes it more comfortable for you and also makes it easier for the doctor to examine you. A special instrument that also assists in making it easier for the doctor to examine you internally will be used before the swabs are taken (the procedure is similar to having a cervical smear test performed if you have had one of these in the past).

After the tests are finished and you have dressed, any required blood tests will be carried out. The doctor or practitioner may ask you to speak to the health advisor first.

Our own laboratory may look at some of the swabs that have been taken and can give a quick (early) result from these tests. Treatment may be offered during your visit based on these results. If these early results are negative it does not necessarily mean that you have no infection. It is important to remember that the main results of these tests take approximately two weeks to complete.

If a cervical smear test has been taken then this must be sent to a different laboratory and will take longer to get the results. It is important that you give us permission to contact you and your doctor with this result.

If the main results, including blood tests, show no signs of an infection then we will not contact you. If there is sign of infection then we will contact you - usually within two weeks. It is for this reason that we ask for a contact number or address.

Patients who speak to the health advisor first may be asked to return sooner to the clinic to see them.

Please report to reception before you leave the clinic if a further appointment is needed.

The NHS has put in place measures to ensure the safety of all patients and NHS staff while also ensuring services are available to the public as normal. If you have a hospital appointment then you should attend as planned.
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