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Biochemistry is where we look at samples of fluids to find out if the patient has got a disease.

This page has information about our Biochemistry service.

Who we are

In Biochemistry we use a combination of modern analytical platforms and established manual techniques to detect and measure compounds of interest in biological fluids, mainly blood or serum. This service helps Healthcare Providers to diagnose, screen and monitor their patient's condition and provide the best management possible.

What we do

Based in the Duncan Building, we run a 24/7 service and can provide advice on any of our services at any time of the day. To assist users of our service, we have produced a Laboratory Handbook that contains information such as:

  • Correct sample tube for the tests available
  • Pre-sampling requirements (e.g. fasting patients
  • Reference Ranges
  • Interpretation of results
  • Advice on point-of-care devices
  • Minimum patient data requirements

Contact Us

We offer an email service and aim to respond within 24 hours Monday- Friday. You can email the Biochemistry Team here (email for health professionals only).

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