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Liverpool Breast Unit

About the unit

The Liverpool Breast Unit is where patients with breast problems and breast cancer across Merseyside come for care. It offers services for breast screening, research and trials and compassionate care for those with breast cancer. We are located on the Lower Ground Floor of the main hospital building. 

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Find out more about breast well-being, moving forward and our research:

We are committed to improving cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment through world-class research.

We work closely with colleagues at the University of Liverpool, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in partnership with Cancer research charities to deliver high quality research.

Clinical trials we have been involved with have led to important breakthroughs in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Many of our patients will be offered entry into a clinical trial as part of their treatment.

This may allow early access to new treatments. Evidence shows that patients who enter clinical trials often have a better outcome.

One of the many studies that we are currently recruiting breast cancer patients for is the 100,000 genome project. This national study aims to use genetic information from patients with cancer to develop new techniques for prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

For more information about participating in a clinical trial, click here.

Breast cancer is very common and usually cannot be prevented. Many factors that affect our risk of breast cancer (such as getting older) are out of our control and their effect cannot be changed.

However, research shows that some things you can do may reduce your risk of getting breast cancer or improve your chance of survival if you do get breast cancer. These include:

  • Keeping a healthy weight
  • Taking regular exercise
  • Reducing your alcohol intake
  • Being breast aware and seeing your doctor early if you notice a breast problem.
  • Eating a healthy diet (avoiding excess sugars, eating regular fruit and vegetables and reducing saturated fats)
  • Stopping smoking

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Adapting to life after breast cancer treatment can be difficult.

Patients who have completed their Breast Cancer treatment are offered a moving forward appointment with a specialist breast care nurse.

This appointment is an opportunity to review their treatment and ask any questions.

A summary of your treatment and an information pack are provided.

There may be outstanding issues or concerns which can be addressed.

We can offer advice and support about managing symptoms and side effects of treatment.

  • Patients can be referred on to other services for support such as:
  • Health trainer
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Complementary therapies
  • Support groups

Breast Cancer Care run moving forward workshops for patients.

We offer an open access for patients who have had breast cancer treatment. Any new concerns should be reported to your specialist breast care nurse and they will arrange a clinic appointment for you if necessary.

More information from breast cancer care

Breast cancer patients who have completed their treatment can access information about their care plan and test results via our patient portal.

Please contact our Macmillan Support Worker Laura Uttley on 0151 7062927 or for further information and to set up an account.

How to contact us

  • Breast Outpatients RLH     Tel: 0151 706 2920
  • Screening enquiries          Tel: 0151 282 6920
  • Breast Ward (9Y) at RLH   Tel: 0151 706 2496

Our team

  • Professor Chris Holcombe
  • Miss Geraldine Mitchell
  • Mr Mysore Chandraseker
  • Miss Anne Tansley
  • Miss Emma De Sousa
  • Ms Julia Henderson
  • Mr Matthew Rowland
  • Nicola Gilham (Lead Nurse)
  • Patricia Watkins
  • Patricia Carmichael
  • Ruth Davies
  • Sherald Barnes
  • Joanne Stokes Denson
  • Laura Uttley (Macmillan Support Worker)
  • Karen Little (Reconstruction Nurse)
  • Dr Farida Alam
  • Prof Carlo Palmieri
  • Dr Eliyaz Ahmed
  • Dr Shaveta Mehta
  • Dr Rosa Giuliani
  • Sue Holcombe
  • Rebecca Brooks
  • Catherine Alan
  • Kay Davies-Crowley
  • Dr Cathryn Beattie
  • Dr Andrew O’Connor
  • Dr Sheetal Sharma
  • Dr Asha Shivraham
  • Sarah Darnley
  • Wendy Thompson (Breast Screening Programme Manager)
  • Ali Guest
  • Jane Leadbetter
  • Chris Hiorns
  • Wendy Rees
  • Helen Henwood
  • Michelle Leary
  • Natalie Burke
  • Carla Davies
  • Louise Abrahams
  • Claire Bend-Guthrie
  • Lorraine Blamire
  • Lisa Campbell
  • Heather Clayton
  • Sheela Edwin
  • Mollie Fee
  • Jen Frankland
  • Angela Garnett
  • Anne Harrison
  • Jennifer Hunt
  • Julie McBretney
  • Louise McGuire
  • Susanna McKillop
  • Aimee Pierce
  • Simone Reast
  • Victoria Roach
  • Marie Saxon
  • Rebecca Wheat
  • Tracy Collins
  • Marina Connerty
  • Donna Elder
  • Sue Garland
  • Lucy Stenton
  • Megan Austin
  • Anita Davies
  • Alicia Shipperlee
  • May Wong
  • Ward manager: Andy Greslow
  • Preop Team (Breast): Anu Liby and Elizabeth Daniels
  • Preop Team (Endocrine): Shelagh Davies

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