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The Liverpool Breast Unit is where patients with breast problems and breast cancer across Merseyside come for care. It offers services for breast screening, research and trials and compassionate care for those with breast cancer.

Introduction to the Linda McCartney Centre

Linda McCartney Centre

Linda McCartney CentreThe Linda McCartney Centre is a comfortable, patient-centred building, at the forefront of innovative breast treatment and care.

Our aim is to deliver expert, patient focused care, to diagnose and treat patients with breast problems and breast cancer across the Liverpool region. It brings together a state of the art breast assessment unit, a purpose built chemotherapy unit, an outpatient unit and a research and development department to oversee numerous different forms of research within the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

Due to the services provided by The Linda McCartney Centre people from all over the North West travel to the Centre to receive some of the most advanced and innovative treatments available in the UK today.

We provide breast screening for women aged 50-70 every 3 years, as part of the National Breast Screening Programme.


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How to contact us

  • Breast Outpatients RLH     Tel: 0151 706 2920
  • Screening enquiries          Tel: 0151 282 6920
  • Breast Ward (9Y) at RLH   Tel: 0151 706 2496

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