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Breast Screening is when we look at what is happening in women's breasts so we can check for diseases and cancer.

This page gives you information about our breast screening service and links on the left to more information.

The Liverpool Breast Screening Service

Providing a service for the women of Liverpool, Sefton and Knowsley

Breast Screening by Mammography

A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast. At least two pictures will be taken of each breast. Mammograms only take a few minutes to complete.

Any x-ray involves radiation, but mammograms only require a very low dose. It is about the same as the dose a person receives by flying from London to Australia and back. The risk that such a low dose could cause a cancer is far outweighed by the benefits of early detection of breast cancer. The radiation dose delivered by breast screening x-rays is continually monitored to ensure that it remains as low as possible while still providing a good quality image.

For a discussion of radiation doses in the NHS Breast Screening Programme, see the following reference: The British Journal of Radiology, 78 (2005), 207*218.

Introduction to the breast screening unit at Broadgreen

    Breast screening can be a daunting proposition but we're here to help. Click any of the below boxes for more information.

    Find out more about breast well-being, moving forward and our research:

How to contact us

  • Breast Outpatients RLH     Tel: 0151 706 2920
  • Screening enquiries          Tel: 0151 282 6920
  • Breast Ward (9Y) at RLH   Tel: 0151 706 2496