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One in eight women will develop breast cancer. Therefore many women and men will have a family member diagnosed with breast cancer on their mum or dad's side. In most cases this will not increase the risk of other family members developing breast cancer.

I have a family history of breast cancer

You may be at risk of developing breast cancer if there is a strong family history of the disease. We run a family history risk assessment clinic to which your GP can refer you.

You may have increased risk if you have:

  • A mother or sister diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 40
  • Two close relatives from the same side of the family with breast cancer (at least one must be a mother, sister or daughter)
  • Three close relatives diagnosed with breast cancer at any age
  • A father or brother diagnosed with breast cancer at any age
  • A mother or sister with breast cancer in both breasts (the first cancer diagnosed before the age of 50) 
  • One close relative with ovarian cancer and one with breast cancer (diagnosed at any age; at least one must be a mother, sister or daughter).

For more information about breast cancer in families click here

The clinic uses evidence-based research in the assessment process. The assessment is a process where family and personal information is gathered.

If you are found to be at increased risk of developing a breast cancer you may be offered referral for genetic testing, early screening or preventative treatments.