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This page is about the new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre which is being built next to the new Liverpool Royal Hospital. It will provide highly specialist cancer care.

Networked cancer services

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust is developing a major new 11-floor specialist cancer hospital, next to the new Royal on the Liverpool Health Campus, as part of its vision for Transforming Cancer Care.

The new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, being built next to the new Royal, will provide highly-specialist cancer care such as:

  • Chemotherapy and pioneering anti-cancer drug therapies including those from Linda McCartney Centre
  • Radiotherapy
  • Blood cancer services and bone marrow transplant
  • Inpatients, outpatients and daycase treatment
  • Urgent care for people with cancer
  • Specialist cancer therapies & support

Construction began in 2016 and the new cancer centre will open to patients in 2019.

The new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre will provide the inpatient beds and complex and highly-specialist care for cancer patients in Merseyside and Cheshire, as well as outpatient and daycase services for people in Liverpool.

The centre will be Clatterbridge Cancer Centre’s main hub, in addition to The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Wirral and its radiotherapy unit in Aintree.

The new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre will provide even better care for the most seriously ill and complex cancer patients, with rapid on-site access to the intensive care, medical and surgical specialties in the Royal.

About the new Clatterbridge Centre