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Acute Oncology

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Oncology is the study of cancer. Acute Oncology is the study and treatment of serious cancer.

This page gives you information about our Acute Oncology team and the treatment you might get.

Who we are

Being diagnosed with cancer is difficult, but not knowing where the cancer has started, finding out that a previous cancer has returned, or having severe side effects from cancer treatments can be very difficult and traumatic for both the patient and family.

What we do

Acute Oncology is a national initiative influenced by guidelines created by the National Chemotherapy Advisory Group (NCAG) to improve the care received by those patients who have:

  • Cancer of unknown primary (diagnosed cancer but unable to detect where it originated)
  • Side effects from chemotherapy treatments
  • Metastatic disease from a known primary cancer (previous cancer which has now spread)

Our services

  • Advice and support to medical and nursing staff
  • Advice and support for patients
  • Prompt resolution of problems caused by cancer treatment
  • Reduction in the amount of unnecessary procedures undertake
  • Reduction in the length of stay in hospital
  • Appropriate and prompt referrals to other specialties as required
  • Appropriate and prompt referrals to other trusts as required

Being referred to us

Referrals from healthcare professionals

Referrals are to come in via the ICE system and will be acted upon within 24 hours (urgent cases sooner if required). Referrals from Fridays or weekends will be acted upon the next working day (Monday, or Tuesday if bank holiday).

The Team

The Acute Oncology team is very experienced and will be able to advise and support patients and staff in any care that is required. The Acute Oncology team consists of:

  • Medical oncologists
  • Acute oncology clinical nurse specialists

The team have close links with the Palliative Care team and The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to provide the best support and care to these patients.

Visitor information

Hours of service

The team can be contacted Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, except for bank holidays where they can be contacted the next working day.

How to contact us

  • Eliyaz Ahmed – Medical Oncologist
  • Rosa Giuliani – Medical Oncologist
  • Michelle Simon – Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Lisa Kelly – Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Diane Wong - Administrator

Email the Acute Oncology team here

Immunotherapy Advice

The Immunotherapy Team at CCC will be able to advise you were necessary what to do with Immunotherapy patients and their care coming in with suspected Immunotherapy treatment reactions.

Please contact Immunotherapy Team on: 0151 556 5767. Email:


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Guidelines and other information

Cheshire and Merseyside Strategic Clinical Network have information cancer guidelines, peer review and meeting minutes here.