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Eye Cancer

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This page gives you information about our specialist unit for treating people with Eye Cancer.

The specialist unit is the Liverpool Ocular Oncology Centre.

Who we are

The Liverpool Ocular Oncology Centre (LOOC) is based in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. It is a national centre for eye tumour diagnosis and treatment.

What we do

At LOOC, there is a highly experienced and specialised team that provides the highest possible standard of care.

For further information on the services provided by St Paul's Eye Centre, please click here.

Liverpool Ocular Oncology Centre has its own website that:

  • Lets you know what to expect when you visit the centre
  • Helps you understand why things are done in a certain way
  • Empowers you to be more active in managing your own care.
  • You’ll find in-depth information on the website about:
  • Diagnosis (investigations)
  • Treatment
  • Hospital facilities
  • Research

For more information on Occular Oncology at the Hospital visit the website here

How to contact us

Liverpool Ocular Oncology Centre
Royal Liverpool University Hospital
Prescot Street
L7 8XP

T: 0151 706 3973
F: 0151 706 5436
E: looc@rlbuht.nhs.u

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