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Teenage and Young Adult Cancers

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This page gives you information about the team of people who work with teenagers and young adults who have cancer.

The page has ways to contact people to get more help.

Who we are

If you are 16-24 and have a diagnosis of cancer in Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales, the Teenage and Young Adult (TYA) team is here to support you. We work with your medical and nursing team to make sure that you receive the best possible care, before, during and after treatment.

What we do

The TYA team includes:

Social Workers, who provide support for you, your family and others who are important to you. They give advice about money, benefits, education, work and family support issues

A clinical psychologist, who helps you find ways of coping with difficult emotional and psychological issue

A lead nurse who is there to help you with any issues, questions and concerns you may about treatment

Youth support coordinator, who will support you whilst you are on the ward, enabling you to stay occupied and also ensuring that you have access to other young people whilst having treatment and whilst away from the ward.

The team

Jane Kean (social worker)

Jane is the CLIC Sargent Young Person's Social Worker. She primarily works with young people having treatment at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital but will see young people at home or wherever they are having treatment across Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales. CLIC Sargent is the UK's leading cancer charity.

Kate Hancock (clinical psychologist)

Kate is based in Clatterbridge Cancer Centre but works across Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales. She works office hours Monday to Friday but is happy to arrange visits out of these hours if it is more convenient.

David Wright (lead nurse)

David makes sure that all teenage and young adult cancer patients get specialist and psychological support. He does this by organising a TYA multi disciplinary team (MDT) meeting. The MDT is where cancer specialists meet to discuss the best treatment options for teenage and young adults. He is also there to answer any treatment questions you have.

Jayne Pattinson (youth support coordinator)

Jayne is the youth support coordinator and is based at the Royal Liverpool Hospital as well as Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. She will work with young people that are on the ward ensuring they are supported and occupied during treatment. She will ensure young people are able to spend time with other young people whilst in hospital and away from the clinical setting. Peer support is vital for many young people with cancer and Jayne will ensure this happens.

How to contact us

Contact us

Your treatment may last a few weeks, months or even years. You can access the TYA team at any point during or after treatment.

We can come and meet you during treatment, at home or in hospital, whatever is the most convenient.

Social Work team
T: 0151 334 1155 ext 5779
M: 07818 056 092
Email Jane Kean at the social work team here

Clinical psychologist
T: 0151 334 1155 ext 5775
Email Kate Hancock here

Lead nurse
T: 0151 334 1155 ext 5773
Email David Wright here

Youth support coordinator
T: 0151 334 1155 ext 4856
Email Jayne Pattinson here

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