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Groups and workshops

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Group Information Session outlines the NICE Guideline approach. The developments of the condition, triggers, physical symptoms explanation, strategies that help stabilise and improve the condition, and an outline of service provision. Tuesday 1.30-2.30 pm. Supporters welcome.


Triage Call provides a short review of implementing the initial information received and an opportunity to ask practical questions. The boom and bust pattern is likely to be discussed and managing daily activities and roles, such as work or study. The use of sleep hygiene, effective rest and the use of relaxation techniques will be assessed.


Pacing Workshop introduces the principles of pacing, and barriers to succeeding. The use of diaries to record activity is approached and managing setbacks. The principles of effective rest, relaxation and distraction are also covered, in a small group setting, where support is generated through discussion and shared problem solving. Wednesday afternoons 1.30-2.30pm. You can also read a booklet on pacing here.

For patients only.


One to one review allows an individualised assessment of current difficulties, discussion of triggers into the condition and explanation of symptoms. Goal and objectives are planned and grading of all aspects of activity, cognitive (thinking), and physical, and emotional. The causes of brain fog, sleep disturbance, post exertional malaise, deconditioning and stress responses are discussed. Reactive mood responses are assessed alongside commitments. A personalised plan for therapeutic input will then be agreed and several sessions offered.

Supporters welcome.


Tailored individual therapy can be for several sessions, depending on what the patient needs. Directed by the NICE guidance.