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CURE: Smoking support

The CURE Liverpool team offer smoking advice, support and treatments to hospital inpatients throughout our wards.

CURE Liverpool is a joint project between the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Smoke Free Liverpool, Public Health, Liverpool CCG and the Cheshire & Mersey Cancer Alliance; building on the original CURE Manchester project.

The aim of the CURE Liverpool team is to:

  • Routinely identify smokers on admission by using existing hospital systems.
  • Deliver brief advice and then recommend to patients what treatments are available on admission.
  • Offer smokers immediate Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) on admission, to help alleviate cravings for nicotine during their admission.

Individualised management plan:

  • Offer all smokers review by a trained in-house smoking cessation advisor. Patients can choose to opt-out if they wish.

Support post discharge:

  • Continue to support patients post-discharge by providing them with a supply of cessation products to take away with them at discharge.
  • Offer ongoing support post-discharge via telephonic reviews, and set up arrangements for this if they consent.

Seamless transition to a community provider:

  • Seamlessly transition smokers to a community provider, who consent and want to remain engaged with a plan to stop smoking.
  • Book discharged patients directly into a local community clinic via a bespoke IT solution developed in conjunction with Smoke Free Liverpool.