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Some people control their diabetes with tablets.

This page has information about this.

Many people with diabetes take tablets. Diabetes tablets work by lowering the blood glucose. They do this by either stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin, or by helping the body to use the insulin that it does produce more effectively.

Managing Diabetes with Tablets

It is important to remember that the tablets are not instead of the diet: you will still need to carry on with the healthy diet as well.

Commonly used tablets in the UK are metformin, gliclazide, glimepiride, pioglitazone and some newer tablets knows as ‘gliptins’. You can ask for more information on these medications from your diabetes specialist nurse or doctor.

You may also find that your tablet requirements will change over the course of your diabetes. Some people take a combination of tablets to control their blood glucose levels. Sometimes this is not enough and a mix of tablets and insulin will be needed.


For more information on hypos ask for an information leaflet and discuss with your diabetes team.

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