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This is the Accident and Emergency (A&E) for eyes. This pages tells you:

  • What we do
  • What times it is open
  • How to contact us

What we do

The Emergency Eye Clinic is for eye accidents, emergencies, and sight threatening conditions, staffed by specialist ophthalmic nurses, optometrists and doctors.

On arrival you will be assessed by a senior nurse, then seen by either a nurse practitioner or doctor on the day or referred back to your GP. Your notes may be sent to a consultant for an appointment at a later date and if your condition is not an emergency you may be re-directed.

Please note that more serious cases will be prioritised, and that at busy times you may have to wait to see a nurse or doctor.

Following your consultation you’ll either be referred to a specialist service or discharged. A letter will also be sent to your GP regarding your attendance, diagnosis and any treatment you’ve had.

Find us

The Emergency Eye Clinic is located within the main A&E department, to the left of the main entrance of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. We’re open every day 8am - 8pm.