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Eyes Revealed

Eyes Revealed was created to promote the importance of sight and to highlight the work that is done in St Paul's to detect, diagnose and treat eye disease. Here you will be able to view videos about the eye, vision, commonest causes of sight loss, what people can do to maintain good eye health and what our specialists are doing to prevent sight loss.


Information Videos

  • Dr Paul Knox, Reader - There's more to seeing than meets the eye.The subject of this video is vision and how we see. Click here to view

  • Prof Simon Harding, Chair Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology - Diabetes and the Eye
    The work undertaken in Liverpool to tackle diabetic retinopathy in Liverpool and around the world. Click here to view

  • A recording of the live Eyes Revealed Webinar 2020
    Hosted by Dr Kevin Hamill, five specialists presented their work and took questions from over 100 guests that included patients, their family, staff, medical students and others. A great insight into St Paul's history, the importance of regular check ups, latest research and advanced surgical treatments. Click here to view

  • A recording of the live Ask the Experts session on 6-6-2020
    Hosted by Professor Rachel Williams, a panel of four experts answered questions put to them by guests on a variety of eye-related subjects from cornea transplantation to surgery from diabetes to glaucoma treatments. The questions came thick and fast. Click here to view

  • Prof Ian Pearce, Honorary Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology - An introduction to the work conducted in the Clinical Eye Research Centre. Click here to view

  • Mr Rob Cheeseman, Consultant Ophthalmologist - The lowdown on glaucoma. Click here to view