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Eyes Revealed Webinar 2020

Hosted by Dr Kevin Hamill, guests to this free event discovered a fascinating insight into how the eye works and how we work to prevent people losing their sight. Presenters also touched on current research programmes and what the next generation of treatments will be.

The times alongside the presenter indicate where their presentation begins in the video.

Hosted by Dr Kevin Hamill, Senior Lecturer

  • Professor Simon Harding, Chair Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology - History of St Paul's - 150 years of dedication to patients (3mins 30secs)
  • Mr Matt Roney, Optometrist - The importance of a regular eye examination (15mins 16secs)
  • Dr Victoria Kearns, Senior Lecturer - Pouring oil over troubled retinas: new ways of delivering drugs to the inside of the eye (31mins 20 secs)
  • Mr Austin McCormack, Consultant Ophthalmologist - Your eyelids are a high risk area for skin cancer (53mins 20secs)
  • Mr Vito Romano, Consultant Ophthalmologist & Mrs Tobi Somerville, Ophthalmologist - The Cornea - function, correction and infection. (1hr 14 mins 55secs)

A recording of the live Eyes Revealed Webinar 2020