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Recollections from Neeru Vallabh

I started working in St. Paul's Eye Unit in 2011 as an ophthalmology trainee under the supervision of Mr. Peter Wishart. His passion about the management and his Neeru Vallabhknowledge about glaucoma, a chronic sight threatening condition, is what first sparked my interest in pursuing glaucoma as a subspecialty. I have been working towards becoming a glaucoma specialist since.

I worked in St. Paul's for the large part of the following years until August 2018, and this period will always represent a special part of my career. As a trainee, many of the consultants would happily take time to teach and train, despite the busy nature of the department. The environment amongst the staff in St. Paul's was one of a family, whether it be moral support from Gina in outpatients, late nights with Karina in Primary care, attending to emergency cases, or laughing with Kelly in theatres.

St. Paul's Eye Unit inspired me to undertake research, by observing the projects, research and close affiliation of the University of Liverpool. Whilst undertaking my research project, with Professor Colin Willoughby, I was struck by the generosity of the patients of St. Paul's. The patients were more than willing to help and participate in giving up their time and donating blood and tissue samples for the purpose of further research. As St Paul's reaches its 150th birthday I am sure there will be many individuals, such as myself, who have had the pleasure of training within the unit and who will hold a similar sentiment and gratitude for the time they have spent there.