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Information on being admitted for surgery to St Paul’s Eye Unit at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital

It may be necessary for you to stay in St Paul’s for treatment, either for the day or overnight.

Scheduling your surgery

If you require surgery, and it was not booked when you attended your outpatient clinic, the waiting list team will contact you to offer a choice of dates once details have been agreed with your surgeon and anaesthetist.

Pre-operative assessment

You will have a short pre-operative assessment in the days before surgery. This is to ensure that you are well enough to undergo the treatment and to learn more about your medical history. A specialist nurse will talk to you, arrange any tests that you need before surgery, and give you information about preparing for your anaesthetic. They will also describe what will happen on the day of your surgery and your recovery period.

On the day of your surgery

All patients are asked to attend the day ward on the ground floor of the hospital at 7:30am. The reception staff will check your details and then a nurse will take you for assessment. After that you will be taken to a waiting room and then theatre.

We ask that family and friends leave the patient they are accompanying at reception. The only exception is where the patient requires extra support, and that is only with the agreement of nursing staff. We will call your family/friend when you are ready to leave after your surgery – you should have someone to take you home.

We advise patients to avoid bringing anything of value into the hospital with them.

Staying over night

The procedure for staying overnight is basically the same as described above but you should bring an overnight bag with you, and after your surgery you will be taken up to ward 9Y. Your family/friends will be given the telephone number for the ward and can call next day to check when they can collect you.