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Overdue Follow Ups

Overdue Follow Ups

Overdue follow up appointments in the Gastroenterology care group (including Gastroenterology, Hepatology [Liver Disease] and Inflammatory Bowel Disease) at Aintree University Hospital

Unfortunately, 9,496 patients are overdue their appointments within the service on the Aintree site and we want to inform you of the process taking place.

Patients overdue their follow up are having their cases virtually reviewed by a senior clinician within the department who has a good understanding and knowledge about your condition. At this stage a decision will be made about whether follow up is still required, and if so which type of appointment would be most suitable either Urgent or Routine.

We apologise for any concerns this may cause, but please be assured that your case will be reviewed and taken forward in the way we consider to be the best.

Urgent Contact Details

Phone - 0151 529 4243