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Specialist Nurses

Find out more about our liver team specialist nurses below...

Julie Barr is a senior hepatology nurse having worked with the liver team for over 12 years now. Her duties include managing and supporting patients and their families with chronic liver disease. Julie works alongside the consultant lead for liver transplantation in supporting and preparing patients before and after liver transplantation and works in close collaboration with specialist transplant centres.

Julie also works with patients diagnosed with liver cancer. She helps arrange and co-ordinate their care and signposts the patients to other services and facilities to help them and their families cope with the distressing diagnosis.

Julie helps run the North West Mersey and Cheshire PBC MDT alongside our hepatology consultant, she helps facilitate the smooth running of the MDT which enables patients to be discussed in a timely manner, she liaises with the referral centres and acts as a support and educator for patients and other healthcare professionals.

Julie is part of the transition team working closely with our colleagues at Alder Hey Hospital helping young adults and their families make the transition from children’s services to adult services. This can be a worrying time for children and their families but having met the team before transition it helps reduce anxiety and stress.

Over the past few years Julie has helped set up and run a telephone clinic for patients with stable chronic liver disease allowing them to be followed up in the community rather than attending clinic in person, this has reduced the burden on our clinics, reduced waiting times for new patients and has given our patients a choice in where their care is delivered. There are now nearly 200 patients being followed up in this manner. Julie has also undertaken the role of paracentesis and assists with the co-ordination of this service.

Jayne qualified in 2003 and in January 2009 she joined Brownlow Group Practice as a hepatitis C nurse. Brownlow is a Liverpool inner city practice with a high homeless population. Her job allowed her to work with the homelessness and addiction teams to identified patients at risk of blood borne viruses.  In 2010 the service began to offer treatment within the community, for patients with hepatitis C. In 2011 the community hepatitis service won the general practice award of innovators of the year which was the first of its kind in the UK. 

In 2015 Jayne joined the hepatology team at the Royal Liverpool Hospital to work as a hepatology specialist nurse, continuing to treat hepatitis C patients in Brownlow as well as using her expertise by working with other community agencies i.e drugs and alcohol recovery team (DART) and the local prisons.

Abi has been a nurse at the Royal Liverpool Hospital for 20 years. Having worked on the Day Ward for more than 7 years during the 20 year service as a Liver Support Nurse for patients with genetic haemochromatosis. Abi got the band 6 post of Hepatology nurse in March 2020. Her role on the Day ward involved key management of patients with genetic haemochromatosis, educating patients about the condition, monitoring their bloods and carrying out venesections. Abi’s current role involves follow up telephone clinics for patients with GH and maintaining a database for these patients as well as assessing and monitoring patients with other chronic liver diseases and paracentesis.

Kat is a specialist nurse with the hepatology Team.  Having recently returned from several years working in gastroenterology in the Netherlands she is enjoying building on her previous hepatology experience in the Royal Liverpool, working again as a clinical nurse specialist. Her current role is focusing on support for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) both newly diagnosed and those requiring follow up treatment and monitoring. Kat also supports the team in the provision of a new service for patients with fatty liver disease, offering both lifestyle advice, signposting to other local services and promoting ongoing clinical trials for NAFLD.  Kat works as a part of a team of hepatology specialist nurses who together offer a day case paracentesis service and chronic liver disease management in both nurse-led and medical clinics.

Kate joined the Hepatology nursing team in 2020, having previously worked within the directorate as an Alcohol Specialist Nurse for several years where she gained her non-medical prescriber qualification. Her current role is focused on supporting patients with complications of cirrhosis mainly hepatic encephalopathy. Kate is involved in the multi-disciplinary team advanced care planning of end stage liver disease. She works as part of a team of Hepatology specialist nurses who together offer a day case paracentesis service. She is currently working towards her Masters in Nursing, gaining a place on the trusts Chief Nurse Scholarship programme. In her spare time Kate enjoys attending live music events, outdoor activities and camping holidays.