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Nurse Consultants are qualified Nurses who have specialised in a chosen area of practice who have undertaken further academic study, research and extensive clinical experience. They provide leadership to the nursing team and services within the Liver Unit 

Nurse Consultants

Find out more about our nurse consultants below...

Helen Caldwell is a Nurse Consultant in Hepatology and has been in this role since 2007. Her duties include providing nursing leadership and strategic development, offering advice, education and support to nursing staff to progress and extend their roles. Helen is the lead nurse for the Cheshire & Merseyside Operation Delivery network Group which is working hard towards the elimination of hepatitis C. Helen manages the viral hepatitis treatment service, providing education, support and networking with other services feeding into our service e.g. CRI (drugs support) teams, NW Hepatitis Nurses Forum, alcohol services. She also supports the other nurses in her team in the management of viral hepatitis in the community setting i.e the prison service, drug dependency service and hostels. In summer 2020 Helen and the team lead a very successful test and treat programme where they targeted the vulnerable and hard to reach clients who were housed in hostels and hotels during covid and tested them for hepatitis C and if positive were commenced on treatment within 90 minutes of their diagnosis.

Helen is also the founder of the hepatology nurse network group which has gone from strength to strength in the 10 years offering education and support on liver disease for health care professionals in the area.

Helen is a member of the IQILs (improving quality in liver services) Steering Group committee as the role of the nurse representative, she is also a nurse assessor which involves assessing other trusts in gaining accreditation by evaluating the quality of clinical services against established standards. Helen is also the nurse lead for her own Trust who are also working towards accreditation.

Over the years the hepatology nurse team have successfully established a nurse led paracentesis service of which Helen assisted with the training of the team and continues to assist with the co-ordination of the service and the training of both the junior medical staff and other nurses taking on this role.

Dr Lynn Owens (PhD BA Hons Dip HE Cert Ed RN) is a nurse consultant at the University of Liverpool. Her duties include providing nursing leadership and strategic development, offering advice, education and support to nursing and medical staff on alcohol-related issues, and assess treatment and support for patients with alcohol-related problems.

Dr Lynn Owens’ academic studies are carried out at The University of Liverpool, focusing on the effects of alcohol treatment and interventions within differing health care contexts. Lynn has published 37 journal articles, 10 conference papers and 2 books. She is an NIHR fellow, and primary investigator for both clinical trials and other research, all aimed at improving the patient journey and their outcomes.

She also serves a member of the PHE alcohol expert group and was a member of the development group for the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines (CG100 Alcohol use disorders: diagnosis and clinical management of alcohol-related physical complications and PH24 Alcohol Use Disorders Prevention Programme).

Dr Lynn Owens is a co-author of the BSG Alcohol-related disease: Meeting the challenge of improved quality of care and better use of resources. As a member of the Specialist Nurses Expert Reference Group for the DH National Liver Strategy, which published a competence framework for nursing: Caring for People with Liver Disease.

Dr Lynn Owens’ current interests are in developing evidence base for improving availability and utility of medicines to augment psychosocial support for the maintenance of abstinence/ achievement of drinking goals. She is also passionate about the identification and development of nursing skills and competence that will augment the integration of alcohol interventions into medical specialities; especially hepatology.