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Alcohol Services

Service Aims

  • Enable people to make informed choices about alcohol.
  • To identify opportunities to improve the service through transformation
  • Maximise resources to increase services that reduce harm caused by alcohol.
  • Create partnerships to reduce alcohol’s impact on the community
  • Changing attitudes and behaviour of public, service users and staff to alcohol through effective informative communication.
  • To develop cost-effective treatment pathways, which are evidence based.

Values and Beliefs – Service Essentials

  • Everyone has capacity to change and take control over their own lives.
  • Services are ambitious for service users and for families and support them to realise their hopes and aspirations
  • Service users are actively involved in developing their recovery care plans
  • Services users are supported in any step they can take, however small, towards their own health and wellbeing
  • Service users are actively encouraged to support each other and increase the support they have through self-help and mutual aid groups
  • The service integrates learning from history (harm reduction and recovery), best evidence, and experience in order to innovate.
  • The best outcomes will only be achieved through service users, providers and commissioners working in partnership with each other and partner organisations in an integrated way to deliver pathways to physical and mental health, housing and social support, employment, education and training opportunities.
  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults are integral to service delivery
  • An excellent service depends upon excellent customer care, attaining the trust and respect of service users, families and carers and other agencies involved.
  • A well trained, supported and valued workforce will impact positively on patient recovery. 
  • The provider service will deliver a proactive service.