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Genetic Haemochromatosis


Genetic Haemochromatosis  is a genetic disorder causing the body to absorb an excessive amount of iron from the diet: the iron is then deposited in various organs, mainly the liver but also the heart, pancreas & joints. This is iron overload.

GH is a recessive disorder, which means that the risk of absorbing excess iron will only occur if both copies of the gene
are abnormal. If only one copy is defective, an individual will usually be unaffected but will be a carrier. A carrier is able
to pass on his or her abnormal gene to a son or daughter.

Testing and Diagnosis 

Diagnosis is made by a simple blood test called a HFE gene test along with other liver tests. 

Treatment Venesection

treatment is offered in the form of venesection (removal of blood), this takes place in the day unit on ward 7 at Broadgreen hospital. We offer a service that takes place daily by appointment only. 

For further information on Genetic Haemochromatosis  please download the patient information leaflet below 

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