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The Gastroenterology Unit works closely with other departments in the hospital. This page gives information about these other departments.

It also gives in formation about the staff on our department.

There are several services with which the Directorate has very close working relationships.

Intensive Care Unit (ITU): 60% ITU admissions are medical of which 20% are GI related problems (GI haemorrhage, liver failure). We are frequently asked to give advice on other categories of admission

Infectious Diseases & Genito-Urinary Medicine: we work in collaboration particularly with ID who have an in-patient facility on site. We have agreed protocols and shared management strategies for patients with jaundice and hepatitis B or C. The Nurse-led Hepatitis clinic is run jointly by our Nurse Consultant in Hepatology and the ID SpNurses.

Clinical Chemistry: is a large department with academic interests in nutrition and osteoporosis, both areas in which Gastroenterology have strong service links.

Dietetics: we avail of high quality dietetic support. There is a dietitian assigned to Gastroenterology and through our Nurse Consultant in Nutrition we have strong links with the community dietitians.

Radiology: There are very strong established links with colleagues in Radiology. Four Radiologists take a particular interest in GI and run our HPB and Upper GI MDTs. There is a new and thriving Interventional Theatre Suite with 6 Consultant Interventionists. We undertake TIPS and trans-jugular Liver biopsies for all nine hospitals in Mersey Region and a further 5 beyond. Dr. Jonathan Evans, consultant radiologist, undertakes all of our tumour-RFA and also undertakes an ERCP and EUS list on our behalf.

GI Surgery: there are ten Surgeons specializing in GI – 2 Upper GI, 5 Colorectal and 4 HPB. The Professorial HPB unit (Prof. John Neoptolemos) has a world reputation for research in pancreatitis and pancreas cancer and we are the Regional Pancreas center. We share patients, undertake diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and collaborate in research particularly with this group.

Medical Admissions Unit: 90% of our inpatient work is non-elective and almost all of these are admitted though a very successful Medical Assessment Unit. This is run by 5 acute Physicians and the on-take system is supported by specialist colleagues in all Directorates: 40% patients are discharged within 48 hours from MAU. There is a well established triage system to subspecialty and 85% patients are appropriately ‘housed’ on our wards.

Academic Medicine: We have strong links within the adjacent University campus is adjacent. Four of our Consultant posts are HEFCE funded and we have a very active research programme in addition to collaboration with other academic departments, notably Surgery. The Directorate was involved in successful collaborative bids to gain a Digestive Diseases Biomedical Research Unit (pancreas), and a Clinical Research Unit for trials.


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Contact us

Wards Liver Unit Ward 5X, 5th Floor 0151 7062 455 / 2457
Hollow Organ Ward 5Y, 5th Floor 0151 706 2456 / 2458

Gastroenterology Unit (Endoscopy)
Opposite ‘L’, ‘M’ & ‘N’ Clinics,
Ground Floor
0151 706 2726

Mersey School of Endoscopy (MSE) Opposite ‘L’ Clinic,
Ground Floor 0151 706 2806
0151 706 3580

The team


  • Dr Anthony Ellis - Colorectal Cancer Genetics & Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Secretary: Irene Boardman - 0151 706 3414
  • Prof. Sir Ian Gilmore - RCP President Hepatology
    Secretary: Jan Hewitt - 0151 706 3558
  • Dr Melita Gordon - Luminal Gastroenterology
    Secretary: Ann Bird - 0151 706 3554
  • Dr Neil Haslam - Advanced Endoscopist
    Secretary: Debbie Buchanan - 0151 706 3849
  • Professor Chris Probert - Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    Secretary: Jan Hewitt - 0151 706 3558
  • Prof. Martin Lombard - Directorate Lead Hepatologist
    Secretary: Sandra Mortimer - 0151 706 3568
  • Prof. Anthony Morris - Advanced Endoscopy
    Secretary: Ann Bird - 0151 706 3554
  • Dr Paul O’Toole - Advanced Endoscopist
    Secretary: Debbie Buchanan - 0151 706 3849
  • Prof. Mark Pritchard - GI Neuroendocrine Disease
    Secretary: Yvonne Gordon - 0151 706 3553
  • Dr Paul Richardson - Hepatologist
    Secretary: Jan Hewitt - 0151 706 3558
  • Prof. Jonathan Rhodes - Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    Secretary: Jan Hewitt - 0151 706 3558
  • Dr Sanchoy Sarkar - Advanced Endoscopist, Upper GI, Hepato-Biliary Medicine
    Secretary: Ann Bird - 0151 706 3554
  • Dr Howard Smart - Upper GI Cancer, Advanced Endoscopist, Hepato-Biliary Medicine
    Secretary: Elaine Joynson - 0151 706 3279
  • Dr S Subramanian - Advanced Endoscopist, Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    Secretary: Debbie Buchanan - 0151 706 3849
  • Dr Paul Collins - Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    Secretary: Yvonne Gordon - 0151 706 3553


Nurse Consultants & Specialist Nurses 

Contact details of our Gastroenterology Nurse Consultants & Specialists are listed according to their sub-specialistybelow.

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