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Colorectal is about diseases of the colon (also called the intestine) and the rectum.

Our Colorectal Services look at and treat diseases of the colon and rectum, including cancer.

This page gives information about the work of this unit, as well as how to contact us.

The team consists of 7 Consultant Gastroenterologists, 4 specialist nurse and 2 specialist registrars as highlighted in table 1. This team offers both local and tertiary (regional) service for IBD, Endomucosal Resection (EMR), Bowel Cancer Screening and Hereditary or Family History Colorectal Cancer Genetics

What we do

The team offer an extensive range of in-patient and out-patient services. We have 31 in-patient ward beds located on 5Y which is under the care of our specialist teams. Patients have a variety of problems including tertiary referrals of complex inflammatory bowel disease.

Out-patient services are listed below but include rapid access service for patients with suspected colorectal cancer, open access service for GP (OAFS), Bowel Cancer Screening, and specialist IBD/Colon clinics. We offer a tertiary referral service for therapeutic lower GI procedures including EMR and Colonic Stenting and advanced colonic imaging techniques.

    Colorectal Services

Contact us

Rapid access colorectal services - Rapid access service for patient with suspected colorectal cancer.

All patients are reviewed within two weeks

Contact Via GP on 0151 706 3403


Jane RANDLES - Specialist Nurse - Email Jane here
Sue KENNEDY - Specialist Nurse - Email Sue here

The team

  • Dr Paul O’Toole - Consultant Gastroenterologist and Advanced Endoscopist
    - Colonoscopy and EMR, Bowel cancer screening
  • Professor Chris Probert - Consultant Gastroenterologist
    - IBD & Colonoscopy
  • Prof. Jonathan Rhodes - Consultant Gastroenterologist
    - IBD - 706 3558
  • Dr Sree Subramanian - Consultant Gastroenterologist
    - IBD & colonoscopy
  • Dr Tony Ellis - Consultant Gastroenterologist
    - IBD, Colorectal cancer Genetics & Colonoscopy
  • Dr Sanchoy Sarkar - Consultant Gastroenterologist and Advanced Endoscopist
    - Colonoscopy and EMR, Bowel cancer screening
  • Professor Tony Morris - Consultant Gastroenterologist and Advanced Endoscopist
    - Colonoscopy and EMR, Bowel cancer screening
  • Dr Paul Collins - Consultant Gastroenterologist
    - IBD & Colonoscopy
  • Belle Gregg - Specialist Nurse - IBD
  • Andrew Kneebone - Specialist Nurse - IBD
  • Sue Kennedy - Specialist Nurse - Colorectal Cancer
  • Jane Randles - Specialist Nurse - Colorectal Cancer
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