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Audiology is the study of hearing. 

This page gives you information about:

  • Our work with patients who have problems with their hearing
  • How to contact us
  • The staff involved

Who we are

We provide diagnostic hearing assessments, hearing aid assessments and fitting with follow-up, hearing aid repairs, tinnitus assessment and management, specialist adult hearing rehabilitation assessment, hearing therapy services and balance rehabilitation.

About your appointment

Alexandra Wing, Broadgreen Hospital

The majority of our services are provided from the Alexandra Wing of Broadgreen hospital including a Specialist Adult Aural and Balance Rehabilitationist.


Liverpool South Treatment Centre

Many of our services are also provided at the South Liverpool Treatment Centre, Church Road, Garston.

This modern facility boasts a purpose built Audiology suite on the first floor and is staffed by Audiologists from Broadgreen Hospital five days a week.


Being referred to us

New patients

If you have never been a patient with us before you will need a referral from your GP.

Existing patients

If you are over 55 and have not had a hearing test for 3 years or more your care pathway may have ended and you will require a new hearing test. You can arrange this by making a repair appointment and once we have checked your ears are free of wax we can book you a further appointment for hearing test, alternatively you can seek a new referral from your GP.

If you are under 55 years old and have been assessed and issued with hearing aids from this department then, within a 5 year period of receiving your current hearing aids, you can contact the department directly to book a reassessment.

If you cannot attend your appointment and you do not let us know that you would like an alternative, we will discharge you from the clinic waiting list. Your GP will be informed of this.

What happens when you see us

Your appointment will take time. Please refer to your appointment letter for the duration of your appointment.

Depending on the reason you need to see us your appointments may be in the form of traditional face to face appointments, phone calls, or video appointments.

It is important that your ears are clear of any obstruction such as wax. If we have not checked your ears for wax recently it may be helpful if you get a nurse/GP to have a look in your ears to look for occluding wax. If your ears are blocked it can prevent us from doing certain tests and you may have to be rebooked.

We request that where possible you attend clinic appointments alone and on time to help us maintain appropriate social distancing within the department and waiting area. Please arrive in the department no more than 10 minutes early for your appointment, and if you are late you will not be seen.

If you have already been provided with a hearing aid(s) from us or elsewhere, please bring them, or any spare parts with you to your appointment.

Student Audiologist often participate in appointments

Student Audiologists are here on clinical placement from Manchester University all year round. Some of the more experienced students will lead the appointment and at all times a senior Audiologist will be available to help when required. The Royal Liverpool University Hospital is a teaching hospital and supports the training and education of all students from a wide range of professions. We appreciate the co-operation and willingness of patients, their families and carers in assisting our students in their training. If you do not wish to have a student present during your appointment with us, please tell the receptionist when you arrive.

What happens next?

We provide a wide range of audiology services at both our main department and at South Liverpool Treament Centre, Garston.

Services provided include:

  • Direct referral (from your GP) Hearing assessment
  • Reassessment Hearing aid fitting and review
  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Tinnitus counselling and management
  • Vestibular testing and rehabilitation
  • Specialist Hearing Assessment Clinic (SARA)
  • Specialist management of severe/profound hearing loss
  • Fitting of CROS and Bi-CROS devices
  • BAHA and Cochlear Implant referring
  • ENT clinical support

Audiology services and clinic opening hours

We are closed on Bank holidays, however, hearing aid users may receive batteries at the hospital main reception.

Our team

Our team includes:

  • a chief audiologist
  • five senior audiologists
  • four audiologists
  • one assistant audiological practitioner
  • an adult aural and vestibular rehabilitationist

The clinical staff are supported by three experienced administrative and clerical staff which complete the audiology team.

Each member of our team has been trained to the highest standards. We have an excellent skill mix within the services that we provide with a high degree of experience both within and outside the NHS and UK.

Quality care, your assurance

Our clinical staff are constantly updating and developing their skills and are accredited and registered practitioners:

Accreditation for staff learning and development opportunities is awarded by the British Society of Audiology (BSA) and the British Academy of Audiology (BAA)

Registration is via the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP)

Core skills such as Diversity and equality, manual handling and conflict resolution etc. Regular updates are mandatory for all staff and are provided in-house by the Learning and Development department.

Contact us

If you have any further questions please contact us on 0151 706 2533

Our text only number: 07826 873856

You can email us with your audiology queries on

Our main department is situated at Broadgreen Hospital. All enquires for services both here and at South Liverpool Treatment Centre are dealt with at our main department.

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